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Naomi Grigg has been teaching freestyle workshops in the Detroit area since 2006. Keep your eye on this page to find out if she will be back in 2009 and which workshops will be offered and to sign up first.

If you would like to register your interest in this year's workshops and find out as soon as registration is open, email Katherine at freestyleworkshop [at] skatedetroit [dot] org.

Naomi Grigg who is largely responsible for the growth of the freestyle skate scene in the UK and an excellent freestyle instructor is visiting the US this summer and running workshops in a few select cities – check out Naomi’s qualifications and course descriptions at her website www.skatefreestyle.com and you will find footage of Naomi skating on Inline Planet www.inlineplanet.com/2006-04/18/naomi-video.html

Visit the US freestyle skate association forum www.freestyleskaters.org to get tips and advice from other freestyle skaters in the US most of whom have been skating freestyle for less than 3 years.